Elizabeth Marks - Global President Adforum

Meeting Elizabeth Marks – Global President AdForum

Born in Manhattan, on the upper east side of New York City, and raised between there and Westport, Connecticut, Elizabeth Marks graduated from Clark University in 1987 with a BA in ‘Psychology, Political Science and Sociology’. During her tenure at Clark she spent her junior year studying at the University of London – while interning in British Parliament for a member of the then Social Democratic Party (SDP).

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My quest for freedom – Elizabeth Marks


You wanted to meet by the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park. Why?

This place reminds me of my childhood. A period when life was without any worries or limits – and full of fantasy. Like most adults, I lost this feeling during the course of life. That’s why I often return here just to sit quietly and remind myself that life can still be full of wonderment and magic.

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Elizabeth A. Marks

The Wisdom of Community – Elizabeth Marks

Can you explain the concept of collective wisdom?

In his book The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki argues that large groups of people are smarter than an elite few; they tend to make better decisions than individual members of a group. A sort of ‘collective wisdom’. One of the anecdotes he uses to illustrate his point is about the English polymath Sir Francis Galton who was surprised when the crowd at a country fair guessed the weight of an ox within 1% of its true weight.
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Elizabeth Marks - Global President Adforum

Elizabeth Marks adds American touch to MPG’s European culture – AdAge

Ad Age published an interview they did with Elizabeth. It is quite some years ago, but she told me that she is picking up her quest for freedom where she left off, at the time of this article. A lot has happened and changed, so the time is right for a new phase.
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